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The SITS Girls Challenge

I remember when I was in Jr. High School I wasn’t very big.  Well actually, I’m still pretty short, just over 5′.  Anyway a friend and I were joking around one day and I climbed into a floor level locker, you know the old ones, about 3′ tall and about 8″ wide?  I folded myself up and fit quite nicely.  I was pretty okay – until – you guessed it, he wouldn’t let me out.  Now I’ve never considered myself claustrophobic, but that was a pretty small space.  It only lasted a minute or less, but that was enough to teach me to not play that game again.

Another memory from Jr. High was the school store where we could spend our parents hard earned money rotting our teeth.  One of my favorite candy bars then was a frozen Butterfinger.  I’d bite just through the chocolate and have the yummy peanut butter left to enjoy.

I also remember that “back then” it was THE thing to wear girdles.  Remember those?  Being just over 5′ tall and I’m sure weighing around 90 lbs. I’m sure I NEEDED that girdle that pinched my tiny waist until I thought I’d scream.  But I didn’t scream, that wasn’t popular, I endured in silence.  Glad that fad is over!



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