Our life is good, not perfect, a work in progress – but good.

Klien Irons passed away early this morning.  His sweet daughter, Jane, has taken such good care of him, always by his side.  She and her husband Curt had a trip to Hawaii planned, for quite a long time.  Klien has been semi-comatose for a while now, so he’s not been too aware of those around him, so it was a good idea for Jane and Curt to go.  Anyway, their cute daughter, Mary, was with him him.

It reminded me of us losing little mom.  I’m not sure I will ever completely understand how truly blessed we are to have her as our mom.  There was one really good day before we lost her.  We planned her funeral, WITH her, her cute grandkids and great grandkids came down and she shared Skittles with them.  She wanted to talk to all her grandchildren, so we called those that weren’t in town and she got to visit.  Her positive attitude was present that day for sure.  Each one asked her what she was doing, and without exception, she answered “planning a funeral”.  I’m sure those grandsons she spoke with were in tears on the other end of the phone, but had to be so happy that she was – and still is – their sweetheart grandma. Her positive, happy attitude shined brightly right up to the end.  She truly endured to the end with dignity, JOY and grace.


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