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St. George Marathon

Justin and Chris have been running fools for the past couple of years.  Justin works, currently as assistant manager, at The Running Room in Vancouver, B.C.  Neither of these boys were much interested in physical fitness until around October 2009 when they both started working out and eating healthier.  There was no special diet involved, just healthy lifestyle changes.

Now, 3 years later they just completed their 3rd marathon.  The were selected in a lottery to run the St. George Marathon, which just happened to be on Justin’s 40th birthday.  I still can’t believe that my baby boy is 40.  Anyway, the lottery is used to limit the number of participants to 7,500.  Imagine how that looks running down the road, 7,500 runners, a sea of runners.  They both said it was a hard course and they ran the same times as they did the Vancouver Marathon in May.  However, this course was much harder and higher than sea level, so all in all they were pleased with their times.  Chris ran 3:53, Justin ran 4:24 and Todd (Rick’s brother) ran 4:41.  Great times in my view.

Here are some pictures from race day, Justin’s 40th birthday.


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