Our life is good, not perfect, a work in progress – but good.

Fun Fall Memories

Growing up on a tree lined street brought many, many leaves.  I don’t remember raking leaves growing up, I think the trees were growing up at the same time.  I do remember, however, raking leaves as the grandsons (my nephews and son) got old enough to help grandma and grandpa Cowan.  It seems that there was a never ending supply of leaves.  Colby, Cameron and Justin would help rake the leaves, mostly after dad had passed away.  It was a weekend affair and they would rake and rake and rake.  Of course there were always leaves to be re-raked, the boys loved playing in them.

I also love the cooler nights of fall in Southern Utah, when you can leave windows open overnight and wake up to the house be cold enough that if it were really winter, the furnace would be running.  I used to love running outside in the cool, crisp fall air, before sun-up.  I don’t so much enjoy dark running anymore.

I love the more relaxed feeling of fall.  I don’t know why I feel more relaxed, I’m just as busy as any other time of year.  And I love decorating for fall, whether it’s because I can leave the decorations up longer, from now until Thanksgiving OR because I love the warm colors of fall.

Candles, I’m a candle junkie, I probably need an intervention.  I have a linen cupboard in “moms” room (another post sometime) that is filled with candles I’ve ordered from Bath and Body.  Fall scents are my most favorite of all, but I delay starting to burn them, trying to hold onto the last vestiges of summer. 

Fall – I love fall, I may even take Baxter for a walk tonight, after all it’s cooler in the evenings now and we both could use the exercise.

Happy fall y’all!


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