Our life is good, not perfect, a work in progress – but good.


I love fall.  It seems to be a more relaxed, laid-back time of year.  I love flowers.  At our previous home I had a lot of flowers beds.  I would plant and plant and plant, sometimes all summer long.  When fall came I was always a little relieved that I didn’t have to worry about the yard anymore.  The weeds usually got the best of me by the end.

I remember that Rick would come home from work and mow the lawn about 3 times each week, in the fall.  He did this because it was easier than raking up all the leaves from our 40 foot cottonwood (cotton-less) trees.  I took this for granted, he was always done before I got home, so I didn’t realize just how many leaves those beautiful trees produced.  That is, until he was in Iraq and I faced the daunting task of removing those leaves from our yard (we had about 1/4 acre of grass and landscaping alone). I remember hearing about a service project that was being offered by Southern Utah University was offering.  I called and arranged for a couple of groups of college students to help with my yard and also my moms.  I remember the day they were at my house, how we filled all the garbage cans and still had numerous bags waiting, not to mention the leaves remaining on the lawn. When I talked with Rick that week I apologized for not helping him better in the fall, with the leaves.

We now live in a home with only one flower bed to plant each year, not as much lawn to mow, more decorative rock, more bushes.  Rick spends time spraying the weeds in the rocks, I still plant a little and our yard is easier to care for.  I still love flowers and have several planters with beautiful pink, purple and yellow flowers.  I love the flower pots, but I admit it will be okay when they are put away for the winter and we spend our nights in the warmth of our home.

I enjoy writing, and would love to keep this blog more up to date.  I need inspiration.  I will be spending this week blogging using suggestions for Fall Blogging on the SITS Girls website.  I’ll be thinking today of an event from my school years that I haven’t written about.  Maybe the time I got locked in a locker in Jr. High School.  We’ll see.

Happy Fall Y’all.


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