Our life is good, not perfect, a work in progress – but good.

A new beginning

One year ago today I lost my best friend, my sweet little mom.  She was 89 years young and one amazing lady.  I have always said that I want to be just like her when I grow up.

On August 1, 2011, I posted on Facebook “Happy August first.  Today would be a great day for a new beginning”.  I had a feeling that mom was ready to leave and join her family and friends on the other side.  She had been spending time in both places for a while, more and more away than here.  Sometime I’ll copy and paste things that were going on at that time, I”m not in the mood today.

There have been many, many changes in my life since losing little mom.  I’ve felt abandoned, I’ve felt free, I’ve doubted my testimony, I’ve been shaken and weak missing her.  With the first year without her having come to an end, it’s time to move forward, not on, but forward.  This makes me sad in a way, it’s almost like forgetting her, but that isn’t what I’m doing.  I’m trying to make some positive changes in my life, get my physical and spiritual life in order and be happy, not scared about the future.

I ran this morning, which I will do daily, when possible.  I will try to not make excuses to stay in bed and neglect my run.  I will be more faithful in saying my prayers, I will attempt to make them more meaningful.  I will read the Book of Mormon, starting where I currently am, by October General Conference.  I’m starting this new blog and will write at least one post weekly.  I enjoy writing, so I will practice and hopefully get better. I am currently attempting to be more responsible at work, meaning I am trying to be more effective and stay current on tasks.

I have the best family ever.  I don’t usually like the phrase “soul mate”, but that pretty much describes how I feel about Rick.  My relationship with him over the past year had blossomed.  We are closer and enjoy being together (at least I think he enjoys being with me).  I think that is partly because I am more able to concentrate on us.  Don’t get me wrong, I so loved spending time with little mom and helping her, but I have more time on my hands now.  Just after mom passed away I was released as Relief Society President of the Enoch First Ward, also giving me more time with Rick.

And Justin, what can I say about him.  He is my absolute best friend.  I can cry, complain, laugh, whatever the mood is and he’s so willing to help me, cry with me, laugh with me, whatever he situation calls for.  I’m so very proud of the man he has become and I rely on his advise so much.  He can give me advise without making me mad, he is just that way. He is running the St. George Marathon on 40th birthday, October 6, 2012.  What an exciting day that will be.  And Chris, he is such a blessing in our lives too.  Chris is always so willing to let me invade Vancouver and camp at their place.  I totally enjoy my time spent with them.

So-today is a new beginning, a sad day-but a new beginning none the less.

Happy August first everyone.


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